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A - G


Abrasive Sheets
Adaptors, Screw Thread
Air Dusters
Air Ejectors, Inch & Metric
Air Injectors
Aluma-Flex Heater Bands
Angle Pins


Baffles, Water
Ball Check Valves
Bands, Heater
Barrel Endcaps
Barrel Rebuilding
Barrel Sleeving Materials
Barrels, New
Bayonet Adaptors
Black Body Infrared Heaters
Brass Baffles
Brass Spiral Blade Baffles
BriteRite Hand Pads
Buff & Blend Rolls
Butt Connectors


Cables, Hot Runner
Cap Screws
Cartridge Heater, Internal T/C
Cartridge Heaters
Cartridge Rolls
Cascades, Water.
Cast Aluminum & Bronze Heaters
Ceramic Heater Bands
Ceramic Stones
Ceramic Terminal Covers
Channel Heater
Check Ring Valves
Chrome Polish
Citrus Cleaner
Cleaner, Mold
Cloth Wipers
Coil Heaters
Coiled Nozzle Heaters
Compound, Diamond Polish
Compression Fittings
Connectors, Hot Runner
Connectors, Wire
Contact Cleaner
Controls, Hot Runner
Controls, Temperature
Copper Nozzle Tips
Core Pins, High Hardness
Core Pins, Standard Hardness
Credit Application
Cycle Timers


Date Stamps
Diamond Abrasive Discs
Diamond Compounds
Diamond Gel
Diamond Stones
Die Springs
Diverting Plugs & Rods
Dowel Pins
Dykem Hi Spot
Dykem Layout Fluid
Dykem Remover


Economy Mold Releases
Ejector Blades, DIN Metric, Through Hard
Ejector Blades, Inch
Ejector Blades, JIS Metric, Through Hard
Ejector Pin Lube
Ejector Pins, DIN Metric, Nitrided
Ejector Pins, DIN Metric, Through Hard
Ejector Pins, JIS Metric, Nitrided
Ejector Pins, JIS Metric, Through Hard
Ejector Pins, Nitrided
Ejector Pins, Oversized, Nitrided
Ejector Pins, Oversized, Through Hard
Ejector Pins, Shoulder, DIN Metric, Nitrided
Ejector Pins, Shoulder, JIS Metric, Nitrided
Ejector Pins, Shoulder, Nitrided
Ejector Pins, Shoulder, Through Hard
Ejector Pins, Through Hard
Ejector Sleeves
Ejector Sleeves, DIN Metric
Ejector Sleeves, JIS Metric
Ejector Sleeves, Oversized
Electrical Wire Lugs
Electronic Control, Repair & Calibration
Extension Nozzle Tips
EZ-Lock Slide Retainer


Feedscrews, New
Feedscrews, Rebuilding
Flap Wheels
Flouroelastomer Mold Release
Flowmeters, Electronic
Flowmeters, Mechanical


Gauges, Flow
Gauges, Pressure
Gauges, Temperature
Gauges, Water & Oil
Gib Assemblies
Guide Locks
Guided Ejection Bushings, Bronze
Guided Ejection Bushings, Bronze, Self Lubricating
Guided Ejection Bushings, Metric, Bronze Plated

H - P


Handy Rolls
Heat Transfer Paste
Heater Bands, Aluma-Flex
Heater Bands, Ceramic
Heater Bands, Mineral Insulated
Heater Bands, Adjustable I.D
Heater Bands, Coiled Helix
Heater Bands, Metric
Heater Bands, Mica
Heater Bands, OEM Replacements
Heaters Cartridge
Heaters Cartridge, Internal T/C
Heaters, Cast Aluminum & Bronze
Heaters, Channel
Heaters, Coil
Heaters, Strip
Helix Nozzle Heaters
Hex Socket Head Bolts
Hoist Rings
Hose, Water Line
Hose Clamps
Hose Fittings
Hot Runner Control Accessories
Hot Runner Control Alarm Modules
Hot Runner Control Current/Voltage Monitor
Hot Runner Control Mainframe
Hot Runner Control Modules
Hot Runner Mold End Connectors
Hot Runner Power Cables
Hot Runner Single Zone Controls
Hot Runner Terminal Boxes
Hot Runner T/C Cables
Hot Runner Transformers
Hot Sprue Bushings


Immersion Heaters
Immersion Heaters, OEM Replacements
Indicating Lights
Infrared Heaters

Jacks & Plugs, Polarized


Lapping Compound
Lapping Oil
Lapping Oil Thinner
Leader Pins
Leader Pins, Metric
Leader Pins, Shoulder
Limit Switches, Mold
Locating Rings
Low Voltage Mold Temperature Controls
Lugs, Wiring


Manifolds, Water
Mechanical Flowmeters
Melt Bolt Thermocouples
Metric Air Ejectors & Injectors
Metric Ejector Blades
Metric Ejector Pins
Metric Ejector Sleeves
Metric Guided Ejection Bushings
Metric Heater Bands
Metric ISO Tolerances
Metric Leader Pins
Metric Shoulder Bushings
Metric Shoulder Ejector Pins
Mica Heater Bands
Mica Strip Heaters
Mineral Insulated Heater Bands
Mold Base, Clamp Slot Styles
Mold Base, Steel Specifications
Mold Base, Stripper Plate Style
Mold Bases
Mold Cleaner
Mold Junction Box, Prewired
Mold Power Connectors
Mold Release Agents
Mold Sprays
Mold Temperature Control, Water
Mold Temperature Regulator
Mold Terminal Boxes, Hot Runner
Mold Thermocouple Connectors
Mounted Points, AA Super White
Mounted Points, Cobalt Blue
Mounted Points, Red Aluminum Oxide


Nipples, Pipe
Nozzle Bodies
Nozzle Tips
Nozzle Tips, Extensions
Nozzle Tips, Full Radius
Nozzle, Shut-Off


Paintable Mold Releases
Pencil Stones
Penetrating Lubricant
Pillars, Support
Pipe Fittings
Pipe Nipples
Pipe Plug Immersion Heaters
Plugs, Diverting
Plugs & Jacks, Polarized
Polishing Pads
Polishing Stone Assortment Sets
Polishing Stone Holders, Hand Held
Polishing Stones
Polishing Supplies
Power Cables, Hot Runner
Pressure Plugs
Probe Heaters
PSA Abrasive Discs

Q - Z


Quick Change Abrasive Discs


Relays, Solid State
Removable Nozzle Tips
Return Pins
Rings, Hoist
Rings, Locating
RTD Sensors
Rubber Mold Release
Rust Preventative


Screw Rebuilding
Screw Steels
Screw Tips
Screw Tips, 3 Piece
Screw Tips, Carbide Clad
Screw Tips, Mallard
Screw Tips, Spinner Design
Screw, New
Shoulder Bushings
Shoulder Bushings, 1/2" I.D.
Shoulder Bushings, Bronze
Shoulder Bushings, Bronze Plated
Shoulder Bushings, Bronze, Self Lubricating
Shoulder Bushings, Metric, Bronze Plated
Shoulder Leader Pins
Shoulder Leader Pins, 1/2" O.D.
Shut-Off Nozzle
Side Locks
Silicon Lubricants, Food Grade
Silicon Mold Releases
Sleeves, Ejector

Slide Retainers
Smartflow Meters
Smartlock, Slide Retainer & Limit Switch
Socket Head Cap Screws
Solid State Relays
Sprue Bushings
Stones, Polishing
Stoning Oil
Stop Pins
Straight Bushings
Strip Heaters
Stripper Bolts
Support Pillars
Swap Valve

Switches, Mold Limit


Tamp Rings
Tapered Interlocks
Temperature Controls, Hot Runner
Temperature Controls, Panel Mount
Terminal Blocks
Terminal Covers
Thermal Pins
Thermocouple Adaptors
Thermocouple Cables
Thermocouple Cartridge Heaters
Thermocouple Extension Cables
Thermocouple Plugs
Thermocouple Wire
Thermoset Mold Release
Top Locks
Tower Lights
Tubular Dowels
Twist Lock Wire Connectors


Urethane Mold Release


Valves, Air Ejectors & Injectors
Valves, Ball Check
Valves, Check Ring


Water Baffles
Water Cascades

Water Connector & Extension Plugs
Water Fittings, Quick Disconnect
Water Fittings & Accessories
Water Hose Inserts
Water Manifolds, Aluminum
Water Manifolds, Stainless Steel
Water Purge Valve
Wearstrip Ways
Wearstrips, Drilled
Wearstrips, Undrilled
Wiping Cloth
Wire, Butt Connectors
Wire, Connectors
Wire, High Temperature
Wire, Ring Terminals
Wire, Thermocouple


Zinc Stearate Mold Release


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