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Metric Bronze Plated Shoulder Bushing

BMS Metric Bronze Plated Shoulder Bushings combine the strength of steel with the smooth friction free performance of bronze.
  • Bronze Plated Steel
  • Internal Grease Grooves
Item Bushing ID Outside Diameter Head Diameter Head Thickness Length Price
2025MBB 20mm 26mm 28mm 5mm 25mm $27.14 /ea
2030MBB 20mm 26mm 28mm 5mm 30mm $27.14 /ea
2040MBB 20mm 26mm 28mm 5mm 40mm $27.14 /ea
2050MBB 20mm 26mm 28mm 5mm 50mm $28.57 /ea
2065MBB 20mm 26mm 28mm 5mm 65mm $30.00 /ea
2080MBB 20mm 26mm 28mm 5mm 80mm $31.43 /ea
20100MBB 20mm 26mm 28mm 5mm 100mm $32.86 /ea
20120MBB 20mm 26mm 28mm 5mm 120mm $34.29 /ea
2525MBB 25mm 32mm 35mm 5mm 25mm $27.14 /ea
2530MBB 25mm 32mm 35mm 5mm 30mm $28.57 /ea
2540MBB 25mm 32mm 35mm 5mm 40mm $30.00 /ea
2550MBB 25mm 32mm 35mm 5mm 50mm $31.43 /ea
2565MBB 25mm 32mm 35mm 5mm 65mm $32.86 /ea
2580MBB 25mm 32mm 35mm 5mm 80mm $34.29 /ea
25100MBB 25mm 32mm 35mm 5mm 100mm $37.14 /ea
25120MBB 25mm 32mm 35mm 5mm 120mm $40.00 /ea
25140MBB 25mm 32mm 35mm 5mm 140mm $44.29 /ea
25150MBB 25mm 32mm 35mm 5mm 150mm $45.71 /ea
3025MBB 30mm 38mm 41mm 5mm 25mm $28.57 /ea
3030MBB 30mm 38mm 41mm 5mm 30mm $30.00 /ea
3040MBB 30mm 38mm 41mm 5mm 40mm $31.43 /ea
3050MBB 30mm 38mm 41mm 5mm 50mm $32.86 /ea
3065MBB 30mm 38mm 41mm 5mm 65mm $35.71 /ea
3080MBB 30mm 38mm 41mm 5mm 80mm $38.57 /ea
30100MBB 30mm 38mm 41mm 5mm 100mm $42.86 /ea
30120MBB 30mm 38mm 41mm 5mm 120mm $45.71 /ea
30140MBB 30mm 38mm 41mm 5mm 140mm $51.43 /ea
30150MBB 30mm 38mm 41mm 5mm 150mm $52.86 /ea
4025MBB 40mm 50mm 53mm 5mm 25mm $31.43 /ea
4030MBB 40mm 50mm 53mm 5mm 30mm $32.86 /ea
4040MBB 40mm 50mm 53mm 5mm 40mm $37.14 /ea
4050MBB 40mm 50mm 53mm 5mm 50mm $40.00 /ea
4065MBB 40mm 50mm 53mm 5mm 65mm $44.29 /ea
4080MBB 40mm 50mm 53mm 5mm 80mm $48.57 /ea
40100MBB 40mm 50mm 53mm 5mm 100mm $55.71 /ea
40120MBB 40mm 50mm 53mm 5mm 120mm $62.86 /ea
40140MBB 40mm 50mm 53mm 5mm 140mm $68.57 /ea
40150MBB 40mm 50mm 53mm 5mm 150mm $71.43 /ea
5030MBB 50mm 60mm 63mm 5mm 30mm $37.14 /ea
5040MBB 50mm 60mm 63mm 5mm 40mm $41.43 /ea
5050MBB 50mm 60mm 63mm 5mm 50mm $45.71 /ea
5065MBB 50mm 60mm 63mm 5mm 65mm $52.86 /ea
5080MBB 50mm 60mm 63mm 5mm 80mm $58.57 /ea
50100MBB 50mm 60mm 63mm 5mm 100mm $67.14 /ea
50120MBB 50mm 60mm 63mm 5mm 120mm $77.14 /ea
50140MBB 50mm 60mm 63mm 5mm 140mm $85.71 /ea
50150MBB 50mm 60mm 63mm 5mm 150mm $90.00 /ea
6030MBB 60mm 70mm 73mm 5mm 30mm $42.86 /ea
6040MBB 60mm 70mm 73mm 5mm 40mm $48.57 /ea
6050MBB 60mm 70mm 73mm 5mm 50mm $54.29 /ea
6065MBB 60mm 70mm 73mm 5mm 65mm $62.86 /ea
6080MBB 60mm 70mm 73mm 5mm 80mm $71.43 /ea
60100MBB 60mm 70mm 73mm 5mm 100mm $82.86 /ea
60120MBB 60mm 70mm 73mm 5mm 120mm $94.29 /ea
60140MBB 60mm 70mm 73mm 5mm 140mm $105.71 /ea
60150MBB 60mm 70mm 73mm 5mm 150mm $111.43 /ea