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Metric Leader Pin

BMS Metric Leader Pins are precision ground premium steel guide pins. Tight machining tolerances insure straightness and concentricity.
  • +0.025" Press Fit Diameter
  • Speacials Available
Item Pin Diameter Press Fit Length Length Price
2050MLP 20mm 25mm 50mm $23.18 /ea
2060MLP 20mm 25mm 60mm $23.68 /ea
2070MLP 20mm 25mm 70mm $24.17 /ea
2080MLP 20mm 25mm 80mm $24.59 /ea
2090MLP 20mm 25mm 90mm $28.63 /ea
20100MLP 20mm 25mm 100mm $25.49 /ea
20120MLP 20mm 35mm 120mm $35.11 /ea
20140MLP 20mm 35mm 140mm $31.02 /ea
20160MLP 20mm 45mm 160mm $37.15 /ea
20180MLP 20mm 45mm 180mm $32.92 /ea
20200MLP 20mm 45mm 200mm $29.95 /ea
20220MLP 20mm 45mm 220mm $30.77 /ea
20240MLP 20mm 45mm 240mm $31.68 /ea
2550MLP 25mm 25mm 50mm $25.25 /ea
2560MLP 25mm 25mm 60mm $24.83 /ea
2570MLP 25mm 25mm 70mm $25.41 /ea
2580MLP 25mm 25mm 80mm $27.31 /ea
2590MLP 25mm 25mm 90mm $28.05 /ea
25100MLP 25mm 25mm 100mm $28.79 /ea
25120MLP 25mm 35mm 120mm $56.35 /ea
25140MLP 25mm 35mm 140mm $31.68 /ea
25160MLP 25mm 35mm 160mm $52.31 /ea
25180MLP 25mm 45mm 180mm $38.94 /ea
25200MLP 25mm 45mm 200mm $41.79 /ea
25220MLP 25mm 45mm 220mm $37.21 /ea
25240MLP 25mm 45mm 240mm $38.61 /ea
25260MLP 25mm 45mm 260mm $40.01 /ea
25280MLP 25mm 45mm 280mm $41.42 /ea
25300MLP 25mm 45mm 300mm $42.74 /ea
3070MLP 30mm 25mm 70mm $30.86 /ea
3080MLP 30mm 25mm 80mm $31.76 /ea
3090MLP 30mm 25mm 90mm $32.84 /ea
30100MLP 30mm 25mm 100mm $33.83 /ea
30120MLP 30mm 35mm 120mm $35.81 /ea
30140MLP 30mm 35mm 140mm $42.90 /ea
30160MLP 30mm 35mm 160mm $53.13 /ea
30180MLP 30mm 45mm 180mm $57.68 /ea
30200MLP 30mm 45mm 200mm $61.63 /ea
30220MLP 30mm 45mm 220mm $58.05 /ea
30240MLP 30mm 45mm 240mm $54.17 /ea
30260MLP 30mm 45mm 260mm $49.83 /ea
30280MLP 30mm 45mm 280mm $51.81 /ea
30300MLP 30mm 45mm 300mm $53.87 /ea
4090MLP 40mm 35mm 90mm $39.19 /ea
40100MLP 40mm 35mm 100mm $40.84 /ea
40120MLP 40mm 35mm 120mm $44.47 /ea
40140MLP 40mm 35mm 140mm $47.11 /ea
40160MLP 40mm 35mm 160mm $50.16 /ea
40180MLP 40mm 45mm 180mm $53.30 /ea
40200MLP 40mm 45mm 200mm $63.94 /ea
40220MLP 40mm 45mm 220mm $73.08 /ea
40240MLP 40mm 45mm 240mm $62.62 /ea
40260MLP 40mm 45mm 260mm $74.56 /ea
40280MLP 40mm 45mm 280mm $68.89 /ea
40300MLP 40mm 45mm 300mm $88.44 /ea
50150MLP 50mm 45mm 150mm $64.76 /ea
50175MLP 50mm 45mm 175mm $75.65 /ea
50200MLP 50mm 45mm 200mm $86.46 /ea
50225MLP 50mm 45mm 225mm $97.19 /ea
50250MLP 50mm 45mm 250mm $107.91 /ea
50275MLP 50mm 45mm 275mm $134.51 /ea
50300MLP 50mm 45mm 300mm $129.69 /ea
50325MLP 50mm 45mm 325mm $140.50 /ea
50350MLP 50mm 45mm 350mm $151.47 /ea
50375MLP 50mm 45mm 375mm $162.03 /ea
50400MLP 50mm 45mm 400mm $172.84 /ea
60150MLP 60mm 60mm 150mm $81.02 /ea
60175MLP 60mm 60mm 175mm $94.46 /ea
60200MLP 60mm 60mm 200mm $107.91 /ea
60225MLP 60mm 60mm 225mm $121.52 /ea
60250MLP 60mm 60mm 250mm $135.14 /ea
60275MLP 60mm 60mm 275mm $148.42 /ea
60300MLP 60mm 60mm 300mm $161.95 /ea
60325MLP 60mm 60mm 325mm $175.56 /ea
60350MLP 60mm 60mm 350mm $188.66 /ea
60375MLP 60mm 60mm 375mm $202.54 /ea
60400MLP 60mm 60mm 400mm $257.81 /ea