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JIS Nitrided Shoulder Ejector Pin

BMS JIS Standard Nitrided Shoulder Ejector Pins are manufactured from the finest quality hot work die steel. Pins are ground smooth & nitirided while heads are hot forged for maximum strength.
  • Nitrided Surface 65-74 Rc
  • 40-45 Rc core
  • Specials Are Available Upon Request - see Form 1605
Item Pin Diameter Shoulder Length Head Diameter Head Thickness Length Price
B.8X100X25JN 0.8mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $4.75 /ea
B.8X150X50JN 0.8mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $5.13 /ea
B.8X200X50JN 0.8mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $5.56 /ea
B.9X100X25JN 0.9mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $4.69 /ea
B.9X150X50JN 0.9mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $5.13 /ea
B.9X200X50JN 0.9mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $5.56 /ea
B1.0X100X25JN 1.0mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $4.13 /ea
B1.0X150X50JN 1.0mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $4.50 /ea
B1.0X200X50JN 1.0mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $3.56 /ea
B1.0X250X70JN 1.0mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $3.81 /ea
B1.0X300X70JN 1.0mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $4.38 /ea
B1.1X100X25JN 1.1mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $4.44 /ea
B1.1X150X50JN 1.1mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $4.69 /ea
B1.1X200X50JN 1.1mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $4.81 /ea
B1.1X250X70JN 1.1mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $4.19 /ea
B1.1X300X70JN 1.1mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $4.81 /ea
B1.2X100X25JN 1.2mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $3.38 /ea
B1.2X150X50JN 1.2mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $3.69 /ea
B1.2X200X50JN 1.2mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $3.88 /ea
B1.2X250X70JN 1.2mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $4.19 /ea
B1.2X300X70JN 1.2mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $4.81 /ea
B1.3X100X25JN 1.3mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $3.38 /ea
B1.3X150X50JN 1.3mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $3.69 /ea
B1.3X200X50JN 1.3mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $3.88 /ea
B1.3X250X70JN 1.3mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $4.19 /ea
B1.3X300X70JN 1.3mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $4.81 /ea
B1.4X100X25JN 1.4mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $3.38 /ea
B1.4X150X50JN 1.4mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $3.69 /ea
B1.4X200X50JN 1.4mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $3.88 /ea
B1.4X250X70JN 1.4mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $4.19 /ea
B1.4X300X70JN 1.4mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $4.81 /ea
B1.5X100X25JN 1.5mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $3.44 /ea
B1.5X150X50JN 1.5mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $3.56 /ea
B1.5X200X50JN 1.5mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $3.81 /ea
B1.5X250X70JN 1.5mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $4.19 /ea
B1.5X300X70JN 1.5mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $4.69 /ea
B1.6X100X25JN 1.6mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $3.63 /ea
B1.6X150X50JN 1.6mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $3.94 /ea
B1.6X200X50JN 1.6mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $3.13 /ea
B1.6X250X70JN 1.6mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $4.50 /ea
B1.6X300X70JN 1.6mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $5.13 /ea
B1.7X100X25JN 1.7mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $3.56 /ea
B1.7X150X50JN 1.7mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $3.94 /ea
B1.7X200X50JN 1.7mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $3.13 /ea
B1.7X250X70JN 1.7mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $4.50 /ea
B1.7X300X70JN 1.7mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $5.13 /ea
B1.8X100X25JN 1.8mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $3.56 /ea
B1.8X150X50JN 1.8mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $3.94 /ea
B1.8X200X50JN 1.8mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $3.13 /ea
B1.8X250X70JN 1.8mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $4.50 /ea
B1.8X300X70JN 1.8mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $5.13 /ea
B1.9X100X25JN 1.9mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100 $3.56 /ea
B1.9X150X50JN 1.9mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $3.94 /ea
B1.9X200X50JN 1.9mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $3.13 /ea
B1.9X250X70JN 1.9mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $4.50 /ea
B1.9X300X70JN 1.9mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $5.13 /ea
B2.0X100X25JN 2.0mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $3.19 /ea
B2.0X150X50JN 2.0mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $3.44 /ea
B2.0X200X50JN 2.0mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $3.69 /ea
B2.0X250X70JN 2.0mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $3.88 /ea
B2.0X300X70JN 2.0mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $4.25 /ea
B2.5X100X25JN 2.5mm 25mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $3.19 /ea
B2.5X150X50JN 2.5mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $3.44 /ea
B2.5X200X50JN 2.5mm 50mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $3.25 /ea
B2.5X250X70JN 2.5mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $4.00 /ea
B2.5X300X70JN 2.5mm 70mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $4.25 /ea