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JIS Through Hardened Ejector Pin

BMS JIS Standard Through Hardened Ejector Pins are contructed of high quality through hardened steel. These pins are precision ground for a friction free surface.
  • 58-62 Rc
  • Specials Available - see Form 1606
Item Pin Diameter Head Diameter Head Thickness Length Price
B1X100J 1.0mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $5.63 /ea
B1X150J 1.0mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $7.94 /ea
B1X200J 1.0mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $8.94 /ea
B1.5X100J 1.5mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $3.31 /ea
B1.5X150J 1.5mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $4.00 /ea
B1.5X200J 1.5mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $8.19 /ea
B1.5X250J 1.5mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $9.25 /ea
B1.5X300J 1.5mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $9.50 /ea
B2X100J 2mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $2.69 /ea
B2X150J 2mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $2.81 /ea
B2X200J 2mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $3.06 /ea
B2X250J 2mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $3.31 /ea
B2X300J 2mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $4.44 /ea
B2X350J 2mm 6mm 4mm 350mm $6.13 /ea
B2X400J 2mm 6mm 4mm 400mm $7.13 /ea
B2.5X100J 2.5mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $2.56 /ea
B2.5X150J 2.5mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $2.69 /ea
B2.5X200J 2.5mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $2.81 /ea
B2.5X250J 2.5mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $3.25 /ea
B2.5X300J 2.5mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $3.63 /ea
B2.5X350J 2.5mm 6mm 4mm 350mm $71.88 /ea
B2.5X400J 2.5mm 6mm 4mm 400mm $6.13 /ea
B2.5X450J 2.5mm 6mm 4mm 450mm $7.00 /ea
B2.5X500J 2.5mm 6mm 4mm 500mm $7.94 /ea
B3X100J 3mm 6mm 4mm 100mm $2.56 /ea
B3X150J 3mm 6mm 4mm 150mm $2.69 /ea
B3X200J 3mm 6mm 4mm 200mm $2.81 /ea
B3X250J 3mm 6mm 4mm 250mm $3.13 /ea
B3X300J 3mm 6mm 4mm 300mm $4.44 /ea
B3X350J 3mm 6mm 4mm 350mm $6.13 /ea
B3X400J 3mm 6mm 4mm 400mm $6.63 /ea
B3X450J 3mm 6mm 4mm 450mm $7.38 /ea
B3X500J 3mm 6mm 4mm 500mm $8.38 /ea
B3.5X100J 3.5mm 7mm 4mm 100mm $2.06 /ea
B3.5X150J 3.5mm 7mm 4mm 150mm $2.44 /ea
B3.5X200J 3.5mm 7mm 4mm 200mm $2.81 /ea
B3.5X250J 3.5mm 7mm 4mm 250mm $3.19 /ea
B3.5X300J 3.5mm 7mm 4mm 300mm $4.56 /ea
B3.5X350J 3.5mm 7mm 4mm 350mm $6.25 /ea
B3.5X400J 3.5mm 7mm 4mm 400mm $8.13 /ea
B3.5X450J 3.5mm 7mm 4mm 450mm $8.38 /ea
B3.5X500J 3.5mm 7mm 4mm 500mm $9.88 /ea
B4X100J 4mm 8mm 6mm 100mm $2.69 /ea
B4X150J 4mm 8mm 6mm 150mm $2.75 /ea
B4X200J 4mm 8mm 6mm 200mm $2.81 /ea
B4X250J 4mm 8mm 6mm 250mm $3.25 /ea
B4X300J 4mm 8mm 6mm 300mm $5.63 /ea
B4X350J 4mm 8mm 6mm 350mm $6.19 /ea
B4X400J 4mm 8mm 6mm 400mm $6.44 /ea
B4X450J 4mm 8mm 6mm 450mm $6.63 /ea
B4X500J 4mm 8mm 6mm 500mm $8.38 /ea
B4.5X100J 4.5mm 9mm 6mm 100mm $2.25 /ea
B4.5X150J 4.5mm 9mm 6mm 150mm $3.13 /ea
B4.5X200J 4.5mm 9mm 6mm 200mm $3.38 /ea
B4.5X250J 4.5mm 9mm 6mm 250mm $3.56 /ea
B4.5X300J 4.5mm 9mm 6mm 300mm $6.25 /ea
B4.5X350J 4.5mm 9mm 6mm 350mm $6.38 /ea
B4.5X400J 4.5mm 9mm 6mm 400mm $6.63 /ea
B4.5X450J 4.5mm 9mm 6mm 450mm $7.38 /ea
B4.5X500J 4.5mm 9mm 6mm 500mm $8.38 /ea
B5X100J 5mm 9mm 6mm 100mm $2.94 /ea
B5X150J 5mm 9mm 6mm 150mm $3.19 /ea
B5X200J 5mm 9mm 6mm 200mm $3.31 /ea
B5X250J 5mm 9mm 6mm 250mm $3.56 /ea
B5X300J 5mm 9mm 6mm 300mm $5.10 /ea
B5X350J 5mm 9mm 6mm 350mm $5.50 /ea
B5X400J 5mm 9mm 6mm 400mm $5.88 /ea
B5X450J 5mm 9mm 6mm 450mm $7.81 /ea
B5X500J 5mm 9mm 6mm 500mm $8.56 /ea
B5.5X100J 5.5mm 10mm 6mm 100mm $3.06 /ea
B5.5X150J 5.5mm 10mm 6mm 150mm $3.44 /ea
B5.5X200J 5.5mm 10mm 6mm 200mm $3.69 /ea
B5.5X250J 5.5mm 10mm 6mm 250mm $4.50 /ea
B5.5X300J 5.5mm 10mm 6mm 300mm $5.81 /ea
B5.5X350J 5.5mm 10mm 6mm 350mm $6.13 /ea
B5.5X400J 5.5mm 10mm 6mm 400mm $6.25 /ea
B5.5X450J 5.5mm 10mm 6mm 450mm $7.94 /ea
B5.5X500J 5.5mm 10mm 6mm 500mm $8.75 /ea
B6X100J 6mm 10mm 6mm 100mm $3.13 /ea
B6X150J 6mm 10mm 6mm 150mm $3.31 /ea
B6X200J 6mm 10mm 6mm 200mm $4.38 /ea
B6X250J 6mm 10mm 6mm 250mm $4.44 /ea
B6X300J 6mm 10mm 6mm 300mm $7.63 /ea
B6X350J 6mm 10mm 6mm 350mm $8.00 /ea
B6X400J 6mm 10mm 6mm 400mm $8.19 /ea
B6X450J 6mm 10mm 6mm 450mm $9.06 /ea
B6X500J 6mm 10mm 6mm 500mm $9.50 /ea
B6.5X100J 6.5mm 11mm 6mm 100mm $3.25 /ea
B6.5X150J 6.5mm 11mm 6mm 150mm $5.30 /ea
B6.5X200J 6.5mm 11mm 6mm 200mm $4.56 /ea
B6.5X250J 6.5mm 11mm 6mm 250mm $4.63 /ea
B6.5X300J 6.5mm 11mm 6mm 300mm $8.90 /ea
B6.5X350J 6.5mm 11mm 6mm 350mm $8.19 /ea
B6.5X400J 6.5mm 11mm 6mm 400mm $8.38 /ea
B6.5X450J 6.5mm 11mm 6mm 450mm $9.06 /ea
B6.5X500J 6.5mm 11mm 6mm 500mm $9.75 /ea
B7X100J 7mm 11mm 6mm 100mm $4.06 /ea
B7X150J 7mm 11mm 6mm 150mm $4.31 /ea
B7X200J 7mm 11mm 6mm 200mm $5.06 /ea
B7X250J 7mm 11mm 6mm 250mm $6.00 /ea
B7X300J 7mm 11mm 6mm 300mm $7.25 /ea
B7X350J 7mm 11mm 6mm 350mm $7.75 /ea
B7X400J 7mm 11mm 6mm 400mm $8.19 /ea
B7X450J 7mm 11mm 6mm 450mm $9.13 /ea
B7X500J 7mm 11mm 6mm 500mm $9.31 /ea
B7.5X100J 7.5mm 13mm 8mm 100mm $4.19 /ea
B7.5X150J 7.5mm 13mm 8mm 150mm $4.44 /ea
B7.5X200J 7.5mm 13mm 8mm 200mm $5.19 /ea
B7.5X250J 7.5mm 13mm 8mm 250mm $6.13 /ea
B7.5X300J 7.5mm 13mm 8mm 300mm $7.38 /ea
B7.5X350J 7.5mm 13mm 8mm 350mm $7.94 /ea
B7.5X400J 7.5mm 13mm 8mm 400mm $8.31 /ea
B7.5X450J 7.5mm 13mm 8mm 450mm $9.25 /ea
B7.5X500J 7.5mm 13mm 8mm 500mm $9.44 /ea
B8X100J 8mm 13mm 8mm 100mm $5.81 /ea
B8X150J 8mm 13mm 8mm 150mm $6.19 /ea
B8X200J 8mm 13mm 8mm 200mm $6.88 /ea
B8X250J 8mm 13mm 8mm 250mm $7.38 /ea
B8X300J 8mm 13mm 8mm 300mm $8.19 /ea
B8X350J 8mm 13mm 8mm 350mm $8.75 /ea
B8X400J 8mm 13mm 8mm 400mm $8.94 /ea
B8X450J 8mm 13mm 8mm 450mm $10.63 /ea
B8X500J 8mm 13mm 8mm 500mm $10.88 /ea
B8.5X100J 8.5mm 14mm 8mm 100mm $6.06 /ea
B8.5X150J 8.5mm 14mm 8mm 150mm $6.44 /ea
B8.5X200J 8.5mm 14mm 8mm 200mm $7.13 /ea
B8.5X250J 8.5mm 14mm 8mm 250mm $7.63 /ea
B8.5X300J 8.5mm 14mm 8mm 300mm $8.44 /ea
B8.5X350J 8.5mm 14mm 8mm 350mm $9.00 /ea
B8.5X400J 8.5mm 14mm 8mm 400mm $9.31 /ea
B8.5X450J 8.5mm 14mm 8mm 450mm $10.13 /ea
B8.5X500J 8.5mm 14mm 8mm 500mm $11.25 /ea
B9X100J 9mm 14mm 8mm 100mm $6.31 /ea
B9X150J 9mm 14mm 8mm 150mm $6.69 /ea
B9X200J 9mm 14mm 8mm 200mm $7.38 /ea
B9X250J 9mm 14mm 8mm 250mm $8.31 /ea
B9X300J 9mm 14mm 8mm 300mm $8.75 /ea
B9X350J 9mm 14mm 8mm 350mm $9.25 /ea
B9X400J 9mm 14mm 8mm 400mm $9.63 /ea
B9X450J 9mm 14mm 8mm 450mm $10.38 /ea
B9X500J 9mm 14mm 8mm 500mm $11.56 /ea
B10X100J 10mm 15mm 8mm 100 $4.31 /ea
B10X150J 10mm 15mm 8mm 150mm $5.13 /ea
B10X200J 10mm 15mm 8mm 200mm $6.25 /ea
B10X250J 10mm 15mm 8mm 250mm $7.75 /ea
B10X300J 10mm 15mm 8mm 300mm $8.50 /ea
B10X350J 10mm 15mm 8mm 350mm $10.63 /ea
B10X400J 10mm 15mm 8mm 400mm $12.00 /ea
B10X450J 10mm 15mm 8mm 450mm $12.75 /ea
B10X500J 10mm 15mm 8mm 500mm $14.25 /ea
B12X100J 12mm 17mm 8mm 100mm $5.06 /ea
B12X150J 12mm 17mm 8mm 150mm $5.81 /ea
B12X200J 12mm 17mm 8mm 200mm $6.75 /ea
B12X250J 12mm 17mm 8mm 250mm $8.31 /ea
B12X300J 12mm 17mm 8mm 300mm $9.31 /ea
B12X350J 12mm 17mm 8mm 350mm $10.63 /ea
B12X400J 12mm 17mm 8mm 400mm $13.44 /ea
B12X450J 12mm 17mm 8mm 450mm $15.31 /ea
B12X500J 12mm 17mm 8mm 500mm $16.19 /ea
B14X100J 14mm 19mm 8mm 100mm $6.06 /ea
B14X150J 14mm 19mm 8mm 150mm $7.75 /ea
B14X200J 14mm 19mm 8mm 200mm $9.19 /ea
B14X250J 14mm 19mm 8mm 250mm $11.69 /ea
B14X300J 14mm 19mm 8mm 300mm $13.00 /ea
B14X350J 14mm 19mm 8mm 350mm $16.63 /ea
B14X400J 14mm 19mm 8mm 400mm $20.19 /ea
B14X450J 14mm 19mm 8mm 450mm $24.00 /ea
B14X500J 14mm 19mm 8mm 500mm $27.75 /ea
B16X100J 16mm 21mm 8mm 100mm $9.06 /ea
B16X150J 16mm 21mm 8mm 150mm $10.75 /ea
B16X200J 16mm 21mm 8mm 200mm $12.44 /ea
B16X250J 16mm 21mm 8mm 250mm $14.13 /ea
B16X300J 16mm 21mm 8mm 300mm $16.25 /ea
B16X350J 16mm 21mm 8mm 350mm $18.75 /ea
B16X400J 16mm 21mm 8mm 400mm $21.94 /ea
B16X450J 16mm 21mm 8mm 450mm $29.06 /ea
B16X500J 16mm 21mm 8mm 500mm $35.69 /ea
B20X100J 20mm 25mm 8mm 100mm $12.50 /ea
B20X150J 20mm 25mm 8mm 150mm $14.25 /ea
B20X200J 20mm 25mm 8mm 200mm $15.31 /ea
B20X250J 20mm 25mm 8mm 250mm $19.69 /ea
B20X300J 20mm 25mm 8mm 300mm $22.00 /ea
B20X350J 20mm 25mm 8mm 350mm $26.13 /ea
B20X400J 20mm 25mm 8mm 400mm $32.69 /ea
B20X450J 20mm 25mm 8mm 450mm $45.25 /ea
B20X500J 20mm 25mm 8mm 500mm $68.44 /ea
B25X100J 25mm 30mm 8mm 100mm $30.00 /ea
B25X150J 25mm 30mm 8mm 150mm $32.31 /ea
B25X200J 25mm 30mm 8mm 200mm $37.38 /ea
B25X250J 25mm 30mm 8mm 250mm $49.44 /ea
B25X300J 25mm 30mm 8mm 300mm $61.38 /ea
B25X350J 25mm 30mm 8mm 350mm $71.88 /ea
B25X400J 25mm 30mm 8mm 400mm $82.25 /ea
B25X450J 25mm 30mm 8mm 450mm $96.75 /ea
B25X500J 25mm 30mm 8mm 500mm $110.19 /ea